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Business Litigation

We provide comprehensive legal representation for businesses of all sizes in disputes related to breach of contracts, shareholders and partnerships, employment, fraud, real estate, and more.

Our first goal is to avoid litigation by utilizing alternative resolution tactics to keep our clients out of court. Nonetheless, in some cases, litigation becomes necessary. In such cases we work tirelessly to protect our clients' interests in both state and federal courts across California to achieve the best possible outcome.


Do you believe a person or business is not holding up their end of an agreement? A breach of contract happens when one party fails to perform all or part of a valid contract without a legal excuse. If it is true the other party has not performed, then you might be entitled to compensation or other remedies.

Breach of contract claims are complicated and can become contentious. What might appear to be an open-and-shut case might have deeper issues, including whether there was sufficient consideration to make a valid contract or whether a breach was material. Let an experienced contract lawyer with the Rashtian Law Group analyze your claim and guide you in rectifying the situation.


California business owners have enough challenges without having to fight the uneven playing field of a competitor or service provider who is engaging in unfair competition, fraudulent business acts, or deceptive advertising. California’s strong unfair competition law that will hold people accountable for their unfair business practices.

Unfair business practices cover a wide range of harms, all of which involve economic injury that is brought about by misleading or wrongful conduct. Unfair business practices can consist of claims involving trade secret misuse, fraudulent business acts, unfair competition, deceptive advertising, and business disparagement. Specifically, California’s false advertising law makes it unlawful to engage in deceptive, false and misleading advertising in connection with the sale or disposition of real or personal property or services. Any person, firm, corporation or association damaged by these unlawful acts may bring an action to obtain an injunction to stop them, and pursue restitution for money lost or gained by the defendants as a result of the wrongful conduct.


Disputes involving family and closely held businesses, limited liability companies, and partnerships require skilled attorneys who can quickly and effectively respond to protect corporate and individual rights. Our business litigation attorneys have the experience necessary in this specialized legal area so that our clients get favorable results that are not costly or drawn-out.

We routinely represent businesses and individuals in federal and state courts as well as arbitrations in a variety of matters, including:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Shareholder oppression and violation of shareholder rights
  • Fraud, self-dealing, and misappropriation of funds
  • Breach of contract and stock option disputes


With any real estate transaction or activity, disputes can arise. Our team can help you resolve virtually any type of real estate dispute, no matter how complex it is. When a dispute arises, you need an experienced team of attorneys by your side to protect your interests. Daniel Rashtian and Saleem Erakat bring the depth of experience of a larger firm, while offering the hands-on attention to detail of a boutique firm for clients facing litigation resulting from a real estate dispute.

Our team brings significant experience to your matter, along with the ability to conduct research, and dive deeper into your specific case to ensure you are optimally positioned to defend your interests. We realize that each real estate dispute is unique, and we will create a focused strategy designed to help you reach the best outcome based on the specifics of your case.


Have you been defrauded during the course of a business transaction? Fraud involves false representations or promises intended to make another take action. If you relied on false representations or promises and suffered consequences as a result, you may be able to maintain a fraud lawsuit.

This frequently happens in transactions involving the sale of goods or services, lending, and real property transactions. Even if the false representations or promises that were made were the result of negligence, a lawsuit to recover your losses may be available. If you think you have been defrauded, the sooner you act to protect yourself the better your odds of recovery will be.